Hi friend!

If you want to build a strong yoga foundation and learn ALL you need to know for a successful yoga practice THIS IS FOR YOU! 

In this course, I share with you what took me over a year of consistent practice to learn when I started yoga.

After this online beginner program, you will:

Feel stronger and more confident.

Experience reduced body pain and anxiety

Boost your self esteem & energy and experience a greater sense of wellbeing.

Have cultivated an ability to be more positive

Your investment here :)

Hi Friend! I’m Stephenie!

I have been practising yoga for 11 years and teaching for 5. I was a lawyer who practised in Court for 7 years and after discovering the healing benefits of yoga, I left the legal profession and opened up a studio in Trinidad and Tobago! I teach hatha yoga, aerial yoga and yoga for cancer. I want to share the multiple benefits of yoga with you and help you step into your power and feel great!

I remember how tricky it was for me when I first started yoga so this course was created to help you get stronger faster and develop good habits for a sustainable practice so you can fast track your growth and create a life for yourself free of pain & anxiety with MORE energy & JOY.